A range of aerosol products specially designed for the plastics industry


CH10 Excellent mould release power. Recommended for any type of plastic when marking is not necessary. Contains an extra pure silicone formula specially developed for the plastics industry. Suitable for food grade products.

CH11 Mould release spray specially formulated for application in all cases in which silicone is not tolerated, particularly when moulding is followed by marking

CH21 Transparent. Thin oil-based film. Short or long-term mould storage. Protects against moisture and rusting. Easily removed.

CH22  Waxy film. Easily removed on moulding of the first parts. Clean and does not clog moving parts of moulds. Protects against moisture and rusting.

CH30 Very high evaporation speed. Very high solvent power. Excellent for oils, greases and protection products.

CH30F Same as CH30

CH30F200 Same as CH30

PULV 600 ml spray. Pack of 10.

CH40 For lubrication of all moving parts of moulds and presses such as stripper plates, slides, cams, guide pins, etc. Prevents seizing and binding

CH41 Copper-based. For assembly and disassembly of parts subjected to high temperatures (up to 1100 °C). Prevents binding and deformation of threads, even over long periods. Protects heating elements thanks to its conduction properties.

CH50 Multi-purpose anti-seizing agent. Lubricating. Deoxidising. Cleaning. Moisture protection. Corrosion protection. Auxiliary product for manufacturing



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