Accessories for moulds


Intelligent accessories to improve your profitability !

• Economical.
• Easy assembly
• Not affected by pressure changes
• Not affected by water source temperature
• Few parts : little maintenance.
• No electrical power supply : energy-saving.
• Reduced dimensions : no need for floor
• Possibility of using several controllers on a
mould to optimise regulation precision.


Save 15 to 20 minutes on your mould changes !

• Time saving : eliminates the need for purging of hydraulic equipment (moulds, manifolds, hoses, etc.).
• Protects moulds by draining water rapidly and completely.
• The floor remains dry, eliminating risks of accidents.
 During the production phase, our purge valve allows water to pass freely to the mould. Before the mould change, it sends air to purge the water of the cooling circuits, the hoses and the inlet and outlet manifolds. In addition, it has a passage for evacuation of the air after the purge.
This valve with three positions (Water, Purge and Depressurisation) is a reliable system which has a counterforce of 7 kg to hold the valve in the selected position. There is also an optional version with a safety pin for users wishing to have additional protection against accidental valve movements

Compact temperature controllers


Principle :

Our compact temperature controller genuinely regulates the temperature of the water in the mould to a value which can be set between 27 °C and 49 °C. It monitors the temperature on exit from the mould and simply recovers the excess heat of the injection process to maintain the temperature at the set point. It thus reduces energy consumption and offers a simple and economical alternative to conventional temperature controllers.

Functioning :

Our controller uses the principle of thermal expansion. A heat-sensitive capsule compares the mould exit temperature with the set point and adjust the water flow accordingly.

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