Screw tips


• Identical geometry to your original tips, whatever the brand.
• Wear resistance three times higher than nitrided tips with our basic version.
• Special solutions for cases of extreme abrasion.
• Full stock available.

PZ range
Three-part tip consisting of a ring and a seat in through-hardened D2 tool steel and a reinforced tip. These characteristics give our assemblies considerably higher resistance than standard nitrided versions. This version is considered by other suppliers to be a special anti-abrasion version. Recommended for general use and moderate abrasion.

PY range
M2 tungsten high speed steel. Reinforced fins. Three-part tip consisting of a ring and a seat in M2 tungsten high speed steel and a reinforced tip. Recommended for tips subjected to high stress, either on account of continuous presence of loaded materials or on account of very short cycle times.

HIP range
Sintered steel (powder technology). Optimum anti-abrasive properties. Three-part tip consisting entirely of sintered steel containing more than 14 % vanadium and chromium. Steel produced using powder technology. This technology allows the obtaining of much higher characteristics compared to tool steels and high speed steels. Tenacity and exceptional resistance at all temperatures are thus obtained. Exceptional abrasion resistance for a service life nine times longer than that of the basic tips generally proposed by machine manufacturers.

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