Plasticizer screws


• For all brands of injection and
extrusion machines.
• Identical to your original screws, or
according to your specifications.
• Special anti-abrasion versions.

Standard nitrided : Standard production with Nitralloy steel and 0.5 mm deep nitriding. Good grade for general use.

Bimetallic : Screw coated with special anti-abrasion alloys on the threads : Stellite grades 1, 6 or 12, TIG 5 or Colmony. High wear resistance, particularly when loaded materials are present. For small diameters of less than 70 mm, opt for the “through-hardened” solution.

Through-hardened : Produced entirely in D2 tool steel and then through-hardened.
Recommended when loaded materials are present, for maximum service life.

Sintered steel : on request.

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  Réalisation: Anne Vonthron