Thermal insulation


Protect your machines and heating elements

• Easy to install and clean
• Reduced stoppage times
• Protect your equipment
• Teflon exterior
 Plastic leaks and purges damage heater bands, cables, terminals and thermal insulation jackets. Purge-Aways resist plastic adhesion and protect your materials. They are made of Teflon and can be easily cleaned for reuse.


Make energy savings of up to 80 %.
Modular ! Adapts to the diameter of your barrel

• Energy saving of up to 80 %
• Extend the service life of your heater bands.
• Improve protection of personnel against burns
• Easy assembly and disassembly
 Modular thermal insulation jackets are based on heat-insulated materials. They can be easily fitted on your barrels and enable you to save time and energy

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